Straight out of LI

Mtn biked yesterday with Rene.  After crashing, he was looking like the sure winner in our unspoken bet as to the bloodiest receiving a six pack.  The bet was established on these trails 12 years ago when we all first got into biking.  Many scars, broken bones, and trails later and the rule is still in effect.  A late game crash by me almost shifted the balance, but alas not enough superficial damage was done to warrant an upset.  Here’s some pix…

Rene at Rocky Point  img_3695.JPG  indy_self_port.jpg


~ by Indy on July 3, 2006.

One Response to “Straight out of LI”

  1. Yeah Indy, good times this weekend. Thank’s again for coming up. Hopefully we’ll see Kim next time. I’m kinda sick of just you.

    It was great riding R.P. with you again. You owe all of your riding skilz’ to me.

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