Time to build an Ark


Holy sh*t. Is it ever going to stop raining? I guess not …. and if that isn’t convincing, check this out. This is apparently on the verge of turing into a tropical storm. Hurricane hunter aircraft have measured 60+mph winds at 5000 ft, and although they are not yet circulating, it could quickly form. We’ve had anywhere from 4-12 inches or rain. Rain, not snow. What would that be in snow? Epic I am sure.

Since my truck is opposed to starting in this weather – and who could blame it – I have ridden to UMD campus the past two days. I got soaked in a poorly timed departure last night and took a nice digger this morning that left my forehead, arms, hip, and knee torn up – that, and it persuaded me to visit Mr. x-ray machine. I broke my scaphoid about 7 years ago (wow, it’s been that long?) and made the common mistake of thinking it was just a sprain.  5 weeks later and dramatically less bone, I found myself in a cast up to my shoulder for months. So, precaution was the measure today. Sort of. After picking myself off the pavement and addressing the severity of my wounds, I deemed it safe to continue riding. Not just to get to campus, but continue on my scheduled training ride. Luckily, the bicycle gods deemed otherwise. A well timed flat right in front of campus forced me to walk – not too coincidentally (again, these are gods we’re dealing with) right pass the health center. Long and short of it all – no break. However, after reading the above links, it appears I may not be in the clear yet. These wrist breaks often don’t show up on xrays for several days, if at all. In fact, I would guess that my previous break might not have either. It wasn’t that bad, until I really torqued it clearing a rocking section in a Phoenix mtb race about 4 weeks after the initial crash. I remember thinking that it gave out and “cracked” – eliciting a shock of pain that told me something was not right. A week later the wrist break was confirmed and I modelled the latest in arm casts and titanium hardware – I was on my way to be coming the million dollar man – $19k at a time.

Well – anyway. Things for now are ok. My body hurts, especially my wrist and the deep puncture in my elbow, but otherwise ok. At least the helmet saved my face


~ by Indy on June 28, 2006.

2 Responses to “Time to build an Ark”

  1. Did you really think your mother would not comment on this one?! How deep a puncture in the elbow? Is the same wrist hurt? I don’t clearly remember the scapular and cast …obviously up in Flag. How will you get to campus tomorrow if bike has flat and you have injured arms? For that matter,how did you ride home today?
    On a cheery note….McKenna is beautiful, isn’t she? Looks like Sarah at this point and couldn’t be mistaken for anything but a girl. Her little mouth is so sweet and rosy it looks like she is wearing lipstick

  2. Went back and read your comments again and realize you were referring to your scaphoid (wrist) which I remember very well. I was thinking shoulder/collar bone area and that’s what I was in the dark about.

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