And then there was three (soon)…

Spoke with my brother this morning and Sarah (his wife, my sister-in-law) is working on getting the bun out of the oven. Last I heard from Gordon, she was about 5cm dilated at 8:30ish am. Looks like McKenna's bday will be June 26th. All I can say is WOW! I am already an uncle to my sister's two adorable kids, and soon to add another niece to my roster. But thinking about the trouble-maker brother of mine becoming a Dad is nearly mind blowing. No doubt he will be a great father – likely to over indulge his daughter and be wrapped around her finger. I foresee Sarah having to be the "bad cop" as Gordon is gonna be a push-over. Who am I kidding, I will probably be the same way.

In other news…the sky is not happy with this administration, apparently…

Elm hits the White House

After record rainfall and poor foreign policy by this administration, Mother Nature has decided to take things into her own hands…


~ by Indy on June 26, 2006.

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