Flooding Anyone?

East coast rain

Well it's pouring, finally.
Mr. Murphy and his damn laws have made sure it waited until race day. So the Cranky Monkey will have to wait until July 30th. Oh well, not a big deal. I've been feeling rather unmotivated since Wednesday's race where I nearly melted from the heat.

Time to work on my programming skills. I've been eager to learn something to help my life be a little easier processing the satellite data and IDL seems to be the flavor of choice. A fellow grad student helped me yesterday, showing off some of his Perl code he has written to extract fire occurrence and location data from MODIS. His study is on fire occurrences and coincident locations of Darfur genocidial violence. Very intriguing work, the type of satellite data application more remote sensing scientists should get involved with.

So today I will work with my data, read, eat, drink and generally lounge. If the weather gets better – maybe go for a ride. Exciting stuff.

~ by Indy on June 25, 2006.

One Response to “Flooding Anyone?”

  1. Think you could send an inch of that liquid out west? God bless those fire fighters still battling the Brin fire outside Sedona.

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