Weds at Wakefield race #1

Raced at the first race of the Wednesdays at Wakefield series last night. Holy hot-head batman – my head almost exploded. It was piping hot yesterday – 95 or more (maybe) and I knew I was in trouble when just spinning around before the race my heart rate was 140bpm. As a reference, my resting HR is about 45bpm and pre-race, even with nervous energy, no more than 100bpm – so basically I was cooked before I was even in the oven. My plan was to race the single speed class – a group that gets bigger and faster each year – and then double up and do the expert race after. Well they extended the course some, just enough so doing both was impossible. I road back to my truck to refill my water bottle, then came back to the registration area to fix my rapidly decaying shoe, when Brian Poochigan – fellow City Bikes team member and double-up racer (he did the earlier expert-vet race) – informed me we had both missed the start of the expert race. Good. I was cooking, my calf was killing after locking up while trying to right myself getting squirrely in the mud, and I had had enough. Took 3rd, but didn't feel to good doing it. Hopefully better things to come this weekend.

ps – I got the above pic from RickyD's friend, Gary…see his other pix at (http://www.pbase.com/gmr2048/wednesdays-at-wakefield-6-22-06&page=1


~ by Indy on June 23, 2006.

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  1. Don’t suppose you happened on 20-20 report Friday night about over exercising….seems more than 3 hours of exercise a day can be very detrimental….headaches, trouble sleeping and even anorexia in the short term. Joint problems in the long run…….Mmmm?

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